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I found this picture through google images. I typed in the word beauty and came across this photo. It was posted on and its origin is from an issue of Popular Science from February of 1933. It depicts a machine that supposedly measures the beauty of someone’s face. This relates well to mine and Lauren’s topic for our project. We want to study the idea of beauty and how men/women and people of different ages view something that is beautiful. I think it is fitting that this photo comes from a published work from 1933, as part of our project we may be able to contrast this photo to the ideas of “measuring beauty” and determining what is beautiful to what is beautiful today. It is also interesting to note that the researchers in the photo are men. Perhaps their perception of beauty is different than what women in general think is beautiful. This photo may be depicting specifically what men thought was beautiful back then (after our research we may fine that men still consider what was beautiful back then to be beautiful today).

This photo (above) is a photo I took myself of all my products on my vanity. It was not arranged specifically for the photo. I was thinking about what to take a photo of and I was looking around my room and came across all my make up and beauty products. I thought what could be a a better fit than a picture of beauty products for a research project on beauty? I think a lot of people believe that beauty is enhanced with products such as make up. As part of our research, Lauren and I may try to find out if this is true. Perhaps one beauty product is most favored by majority? Is there one product women will choose above all others? Is there one project that men look for on women’s faces when look at them? Has the use of these beauty products changed at all since years past? And do different age groups prefer different beauty products when trying to make themselves beautiful? Do the products really enhance someone’s beauty? These are all questions that come to my mind when I look at this picture and we hope to be able to answer them when doing our research.
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April 5, 2010 @ 1:18 pm

Good! I love the picture from the 1933 — finding out more about it and explaining it could be part of your literature review. I wonder if the questions you ask about the second picture will actually be part of your questionnaire, and why it might be important?

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