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Indymedia stands for “The Independent Media Center”. The main objective of Indymedia is to portray the truth of what actually is going on in current events. One of their goals is to correct the distorted truths that the media puts out. In 1999, Indymedia was started by independent media organizations in order to provide the basis of various protests in Seattle. In order to publish on Indymedia all you need to do is sign up, it is open to anyone.

From the way the website is portrayed, it doesn’t seem unorganized, however it doesnt seem as if there is one person in charge. Many of the activities include rallies, and protests for animal rights, feminism, immigration, and third world countries, as well as the articles that are published on the website by its followers. I’m not sure if I would join the group. I often don’t like to voice my opinion on current issues. If I were to join, I would try to do so anonymously.

I found the following article interesting:

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sarah k's visual soc. blog » Indymedia

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sarah k's visual soc. blog » Indymedia

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