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Some Fieldnotes…

Filed under: Uncategorized — skusnitz at 9:58 pm on Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lauren and I have begun interviewing some participants. Personally I have found that women have been taking it more seriously than men have. We both have realized that we are both finding that women in the older generation think beauty is more of an inner quality, rather than something that is portrayed on the outside for example facial features, or body type. Women in the younger generation get their views on beauty from the media, and celebrities ¬†while women in the older generation get their views on beauty their role models who are women they actually know (like friends and family). A cute thing I found was that men in the older generation defined someone as beautiful as their wife, which shows me they think beauty is something that’s more real, rather than superficial, which I thought would be the opposite. We are eager to get back out there and see what else we learn.

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