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What do I want to do for my final project?

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There are a few topics I am interested in. One of them is how the media portrays women and beauty with in different cultures and races. Pictures and advertisments are all around us, it would be interesting to stop and take a minute to analyze them and really look at the messages behind them.  Another topic I am interested was gender roles and religion. Religion is a big important part of my life so I think it would be interesting to compare my own religion, and do research on other religons not familiar to me. It would be interesting to see how men and women are portrayed and their roles in the different religions.

I know it would be easy to do a topic that is easily relatable to me but it would be more interesting to do a topic that is not easily relatable to me.

Getting To Know My Eyes

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I often head over to the library in my neighborhood when I am in search of some peace and quiet. To me, the library is the definition of peace and quiet. There is one spot I head to first. There is a huge comfortable chair on the second floor next to floor to ceiling windows and directly across from rows and rows of books. The colors used in the space are neutral ones (grey, white, cream). You might say how is that an inviting and comfortable area? Well, the bookcases that surround me are a warm wood, to me, that’s what makes the area inviting. As I look in front of me I notice the rows and rows of books. I can’t see where they rows of books end, they seem to go on forever. It almost symbolizes infinite possibilities of what I can do and look at in the library. As I turn to look out the window, I notice that there is a busy shopping center right next door. I realize that although there is so much commotion going on outside of my surroundings, I don’t notice it because everything inside where I am is calm and relaxing and it almost washes out what is going on outside.

This picture, although you can’t tell where it is, was taken on the Harvard campus in Boston. If you have every visited the campus you will notice that it’s a beautiful campus covered by trees, very serene, right in the middle of a busy city. Once you are walking around the campus, you can’t even tell there is a noisy city around you, similar to how i feel in the library. The top of the building is not in this picture, which is similar to the rows and rows of books I experience in the library. The building seems as if it goes on forever (like the books) which illustrates infinite possibilities of what I can accomplish and learn in life.

Introducing Myself

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The object that I took a picture of is a vase of flowers. I feel that this is a picture of something that describes me best. Just as a flower takes a while to achieve its beauty and one’s ability to see what it really is, so to, I consider myself to be a shy person at first but once someone gets to know me, they can tell I am an exciting, and bubbly person. Flowers stand as if they are poised and delicate and those are two ways I try to present myself.

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