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Ethical Guidelines for Final Project

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For our final project Lauren and I came up with a few ethical guidlines we will follow. Firstly, we plan to use images either from the internet or magazines, therefore we will make sure that they are images we are allowed to copy, or use and that have a license that enables us to post them on our blogs. Another ethical guidline we will adhere to is anonymousness. Meaning, we plan to interview our participants and even give them questionaires. We will make sure with them that they will let us post their names and answers to the questions. However, if they feel more comfortable not having their names posted and would rather be anonymous or have a pseudonym, we will follow their wishes and do so.  If for some reason we plan on taking pictures of the participants, we will make sure that we have their permission to use the pictures of them in our project. Another ethical guidline we will follow is that we will make clear to them that if for any reason they no longer feel comfortable participating or would no longer like to participate in the research, they have the option to drop out, with out consequences or with out being penalized in any way.

A new idea for the project

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    Lauren N. and I had a new thought for a final project. We want to do a project on the perception of beauty and whether or not that differs with gender and age. We plan to use our “sociologial lens” and compare the perception of beauty between men and women of a yougner age (such as college students or teenagers) and older people such as parents or grandparents, and whether or not the perception of beauty has changed through out time for the elder people. What is beautyful today may not have been beautiful in the past. Perhaps they still do think what was beautiful in the past is still beautiful today. Another interesting path to go on would be to ask the participants what they think may be baeutiful in the future. Will it change or will it stay the same?

    When speaking with out participants we were thinking of first giving them a questionaire (either open ended or closed ended) just to see what they think is beautiful. After perhaps we will do some sort of photoelicitation by giving them advertisements of women (specifically) and seeing what they have to say about it.

What do I want to do for my final project?

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There are a few topics I am interested in. One of them is how the media portrays women and beauty with in different cultures and races. Pictures and advertisments are all around us, it would be interesting to stop and take a minute to analyze them and really look at the messages behind them.  Another topic I am interested was gender roles and religion. Religion is a big important part of my life so I think it would be interesting to compare my own religion, and do research on other religons not familiar to me. It would be interesting to see how men and women are portrayed and their roles in the different religions.

I know it would be easy to do a topic that is easily relatable to me but it would be more interesting to do a topic that is not easily relatable to me.


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